Financial Education

Build your Financial Acumen with Us!

Here at Richland Federal Credit Union, we have a vested interest in providing the tools necessary to help our members become masters of their finances!

Consumers, business owners and agricultural producers alike are the backbone of our community’s financial development. Utilize the budgeting, production and estate planning resources on this page to educate yourself further!

Agricultural Finance

  1. This link will explain to members what financial statements are and what lenders or other financial managers use them for.


  1. This link will provide a step by step guide to building a Farm Budget for an operating year. Producers should know local costs of inputs such as fertilizer, seed, chemical, feed, labor, etc. before filling out budgets.

  1. This link will take you to a farm business management website operated by Iowa State University Extension. Crop, livestock, whole farm, business development, cooperative, and renewable energy information is available here to provide expert analysis of the associated industries, albeit tailored to an Iowa audience. Nevertheless, the economic principles and tools on the website are applicable to the MonDak area.

For agricultural economics, news in general, go to

People can access decision making tools. The direct link to that is

Personal Finance

Budgeting is sexy! Budgets aren’t meant to restrict your life, rather they allow you to plan your spending in a way that fits your unique lifestyle. Spend handsomely on things that bring value to your life, and slash the things that do not.

This user-friendly spreadsheet is a great tool to use in your independent financial planning. Set goals for your spending categories and re-evaluate your actual spending at the end of each month to check your progress! Monthly Personal Budget Tool

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